About Geneva Film Co.

James Stewart is an award-winning director and the founder of Geneva Film Co. in Toronto, Canada.

James Stewart on set in Los Angeles.

James Stewart on set in Los Angeles.

Geneva Film Co. was founded by commercial director James Stewart to produce his work in live action, VFX, stop-motion and CG animation on platforms ranging from mobile to giant screen including gesture control and VR. His award-winning stop-motion 3D short film FOXED! has screened at over 90 film festivals, winning multiple awards and opened at #1 on iTunes in October 2014.  Stewart's recent projects include 3D cinema commercials for Samsung, Toyota, Lexus, Sprint, and the 3D concert film Experience Montreux. 

His work on Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams was awarded the Lumière Award for Best 3D Documentary and in 2012, he produced the world's first gesture-controlled 3D cinema game for Samsung. Stewart was recently featured with Ang Lee on the cover of the Directors issue of SHOOT magazine.  He is a six-time speaker at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. At TED2011 he presented the TEDTalk Storytelling in the Next Dimension. Jack Dorsey follows him on Twitter @jamesstewart3D